Willie Nelson Gives 92-Year-Old Lyndel Rhodes Her Big Break By Recording Song She Wrote Lyndel Rhodes finally got her big break as a songwriter at age 92. Willie Nelson has recorded one of her tunes. It's called "Little House on the Hill," and it's about her beloved home in Lexington, Tenn.

Willie Nelson Gives 92-Year-Old Lyndel Rhodes Her Big Break By Recording Song She Wrote

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Willie Nelson reportedly has a new Lyndel Rhodes tune on his upcoming album. It's called "Little House On The Hill." The Guardian reports that Buddy Cannon, the music producer, emailed a copy of the song to Willie Nelson, who emailed back, I love it. Let's cut it. Lyndel Rhodes is Buddy Cannon's mother. She's 92 years old, and Buddy Cannon recorded his mother listening to Willie sing her song.


BUDDY CANNON: What are you listening to?

LYNDEL RHODES: "Little House On The Hill."

CANNON: Whose song is that?


CANNON: You wrote it?

RHODES: Yeah, trying to.

CANNON: Well, who's singing it?

RHODES: Mr. Willie.

CANNON: Willie Who?

RHODES: Mr. Willie Nelson.

CANNON: All right.

SIMON: It's the first song Lyndel Rhodes has had recorded. She sings it pretty well, too.


RHODES: (Singing) On the hill - I'm going to buy that little house on the hill.

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