Steel, Talking Heads, Or Wrestlemania? In this edition of This, That, or the Other, contestants must decide: is it a Danielle Steel novel, a Talking Heads song, or a Wrestlemania tagline?

Steel, Talking Heads, Or Wrestlemania?

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Let's check in with our contestants. Vanessa Konkel, you were attacked by a wild turkey in your backyard when you were 7.

VANESSA KONKEL: Yeah, upstate New York problems.


EISENBERG: How has that affected you now?

KONKEL: I love Thanksgiving.






EISENBERG: Right, because you're like, you deserve it...


EISENBERG: ...Every time, right?

KONKEL: Those beady little eyes, and I get to...

EISENBERG: Eat them.


EISENBERG: Yeah, it makes you stronger.

KONKEL: Yeah, absolutely.

EISENBERG: Jess - speaking of horror, Jessie Gillan, you are a big horror movie fan. But you pointed out that you were a big fan as a toddler.

JESSIE GILLAN: Yes. I truly enjoyed watching "Poltergeist," "Gremlins," "The Shining," probably movies you should watch when you're 3 to 5 years old. Yeah, I did...

EISENBERG: Unsupervised, or...

GILLAN: I - my mom said she'd watch me and I looked completely fine. I didn't have nightmares, so, you know...

EISENBERG: Yes. So now you get to play one of our favorite guessing games. It's called This, That or the Other. I'm going to give you a title. And you just have to tell me which of three categories it fits into. And today's categories are inspired by the phrase once in a lifetime, which is the title of a Talking Heads song and a tag line for a WWE "WrestleMania" spectacular. And it is the title of a book by the beach read author Danielle Steel. So you may ask yourself, what are those categories again? They are Talking Heads song, "WrestleMania" tag line or Danielle Steel novel. OK, we're going to alternate back and forth, so no need to buzz in. Vanessa, you won the last game. So if you win this you're going to the final round. All right, Jessie, we'll start with you. "Power Play."

GILLAN: "WrestleMania?"

EISENBERG: That is a good guess, but it is wrong. Vanessa, can you steal?

KONKEL: Is that the title of a book?


EISENBERG: Our categories are...



EISENBERG: ...Talking Heads song, WrestleMania or Danielle Steel novel.

KONKEL: Danielle - let's go with Danielle.

EISENBERG: Danielle Steel is correct, actually.


EISENBERG: OK, Vanessa, "Dare To Dream."

KONKEL: Oh, boy, that's definitely not wrestling, I hope. Let's go with Danielle again.

EISENBERG: Danielle Steel?


EISENBERG: Seems like a good choice, but that is incorrect. Jessie, can you steal?

GILLAN: Talking Heads song?


KONKEL: Wait...

EISENBERG: That is "WrestleMania."

KONKEL: Are you serious.



EISENBERG: Jessie, "Slippery People."

GILLAN: Talking Heads.

EISENBERG: Yes, it is.


EISENBERG: Would be a great WrestleMania, though.

KONKEL: Seriously.


EISENBERG: Vanessa, "The Raging Climax."


KONKEL: Wrestling.

EISENBERG: Yes, that's a "WrestleMania."


EISENBERG: Oh, yeah, it is the premise of every Danielle Steel book.


JONATHAN COULTON: Does feel a little bit on the nose for a Danielle Steel novel.

EISENBERG: Yeah, right, right, exactly. OK, this is your last set of clues. Jessie, "Heat!" as in "Heat!" with an exclamation point.

GILLAN: "WrestleMania."

EISENBERG: Oh, yeah, that is "WrestleMania."


EISENBERG: Talking Heads, it would be called, like, Turn Down The Heat" or something like that. Vanessa, "Stay Hungry."

KONKEL: Danielle Steel.

EISENBERG: Incorrect, I'm sorry. Jessie, can you steal?

GILLAN: Talking Heads.

EISENBERG: Yeah, Talking Heads is correct. That's right.


EISENBERG: Puzzle guru Art Chung, how did our contestants do?

ART CHUNG: They both did great. Jessie, congratulations, you've tied it up and we're moving to a tiebreaker round.


CHUNG: All right, we are tied one game apiece, so it's time for a quick game three. I'm going to give you a category, and you'll go back and forth naming things that fall into that category. The first contestant to mess up, either by guessing incorrectly, repeating an answer or taking too long, will be eliminated. You have to buzz in to answer first. Here's your category. As of 2016, 10 celebrities have served as coaches on the NBC singing competition show "The Voice." Name them.


CHUNG: Vanessa, you're first.

KONKEL: Alicia Keys.

CHUNG: That is correct, so now to Jessie.

GILLAN: Christina Aguilera.

CHUNG: Christina Aguilera, also correct.

KONKEL: Adam Levine.

CHUNG: Correct. Jessie?

GILLAN: Ben Folds.

CHUNG: No, I'm sorry. That's a different show.

GILLAN: Oh, OK, I knew he was on a show...

CHUNG: Sorry - yeah, no, I'm sorry. That was a different show. Vanessa, congratulations, you're moving on to the final round.


EISENBERG: Coming up, we'll find out who will face off against Vanessa in our final round at the end of the show. And the man behind Alexander Hamilton is waiting in the wings for us. Javier Munoz will join us for a quiz on POTUS pets. I'm Ophira Eisenberg, and you're listening to ASK ME ANOTHER from NPR.


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