I Just Play One On Television In this final round, Puzzle Guru Art Chung asks the final contestants to identify the occupations of famous TV characters. For example, "Tony Soprano, from The Sopranos," would be "mob boss."

I Just Play One On Television

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Now it's time to crown our big winner. Let's bring back our finalists, Vanessa, who makes bacon for her friends, and Jere, who went undercover as a cab driver and found out that people are terrible.


EISENBERG: Puzzle guru Art Chung, take it away.

ART CHUNG: Thanks, Ophira. Vanessa and Jere, your final round is called I Just Play One on TV. I'm going to give you a TV show and the name of one of its characters. You tell me what that character's job is. So if I said, Tony Soprano from "The Sopranos," you would say, mob boss.

We're playing this round like a penalty shootout. You'll each get up to eight questions. The contestant who scores the most points will be our big winner.

Your prize is an ASK ME ANOTHER Rubik's Cube and, from "Stranger Things," a mug that says coffee and contemplation and a signed poster of Jim Hopper in the style of Shepard Fairey's Obama poster. But instead of saying hope, it says hop.


CHUNG: We flipped a coin backstage. And Vanessa, you are going first. Here we go. Meredith Grey from "Grey's Anatomy."

VANESSA KONKEL: She's a doctor.

CHUNG: She's a doctor - a surgeon. Correct.

CHUNG: Jere, Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex And The City."

JERE HESTER: A journalist.

CHUNG: That's right. She's a newspaper columnist. We'll accept that. Vanessa, Murphy Brown. Three seconds. Any - just guess.

KONKEL: He's also a doctor, isn't he?


CHUNG: Murphy Brown - I'm sorry - she's a TV journalist or reporter. Jere, Ally McBeal.

HESTER: A lawyer.

CHUNG: She's a lawyer. Correct.


CHUNG: Vanessa, from "Friends," Ross Geller.

KONKEL: He's a geologist or paleontologist.

CHUNG: I'm sorry. Your first answer, geologist, was incorrect. He was a paleontologist. Sorry. Jere, Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory."

HESTER: Scientist.

CHUNG: Yeah, he's a scientist or physicist. That's correct.


CHUNG: Vanessa, Eric Taylor from "Friday Night Lights."

KONKEL: Football player (laughter)?

CHUNG: That's not his - no, he's a football coach.

KONKEL: OK (laughter).

CHUNG: Sorry. You keep getting close. Jere, Ray Barone from "Everybody Loves Raymond."

HESTER: He is a sportswriter.

CHUNG: He is a sportswriter. That's correct.


CHUNG: We are at the halfway point. And Jere is in the lead 4 to 1. Vanessa, from "The X-Files," Dana Scully.

KONKEL: She's a cop?

CHUNG: No, I'm sorry. She's an FBI agent specifically. All right. The situation is Jere's up 4 to 1. Jere, if you get this question right, you're our big winner. Jenna Maroney from "30 Rock."

HESTER: She's an actress.

CHUNG: That is correct. Congratulations.


EISENBERG: That's our show. Thanks for playing. ASK ME ANOTHER's Puzzle Guru is Art Chung.

CHUNG: Hey. My name anagrams to narc thug.

EISENBERG: Our house musician is Jonathan Coulton.

CHUNG: Thou jolt a cannon.

EISENBERG: Our puzzles were written by Ellen Tidal (ph), Danielle Thompson (ph) and senior writers Karen Lurie (ph), J. Keith van Straaten and Kyle Beakley. ASK ME ANOTHER's produced by Mike Katzif, Travis Larchuk, Julia Melfi, Danny Shin, Rommel Wood and our intern, Camila Salazar, along with Anya Grundmann.

We're recorded by Bill Moss, Noriko Okabe and David Hurtgen (ph). ASK ME ANOTHER was created by Eric Nuzem and Jesse Baker. We'd like to thank our home in Brooklyn, N.Y., The Bell House...

CHUNG: Hot heel blues.

EISENBERG: ...And our production partner, WNYC. I'm her ripe begonias.

CHUNG: Ophira Eisenberg.



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