Here's What Students Are Saying About The Election Results : NPR Ed Reaction to Donald Trump's victory was emotional for many students. Here's what they had to say at SciTech High in Harrisburg, Pa., and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkley, Calif.

Here's What Students Are Saying About The Election Results

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We're hearing reaction from around the country to Donald Trump's victory. We go now to SciTech High School in Harrisburg, Pa. The school has about 300 students who are a mix of Asian, white, African-American and Latino. Here's what they had to say today.

FARIDATOU ISSIAKO: My name is Faridatou Issiako. I am 18 years old, and, currently, I'm still shaken up by the results. It still hasn't hit me yet. Last night, I had so much anxiety, you know, from the poll numbers rising up and down. You know, Hillary's in the lead, and then Trump's in the lead, but now it's clear that Trump has won.

DESTINY PEREZ: My name is Destiny Perez. And in my opinion, I don't think Trump - at least, Trump himself can't do anything to unite the country or the people as a whole because his campaign literally split people more and more apart. Like, he's not what I would want in a president at all.

LACEY THOMAS: Lacey Thomas, 17, senior - for Trump's side, I really supported bringing the jobs back and that type of thing - create more opportunities - and also the wall.

AHMIR EDMONDS: My name is Ahmir Edmonds. I'm 16. Everyone's really afraid of what Donald Trump could do as president. Just being divided - that's the biggest problem right now.

AMIRA ELLISON: Hi. My name's Amira Ellison, and I'm 17 years old. In regards to what Trump can do and say, only thing he can do is by his actions. He has to show everyone that he is for everyone.

AHMYA WOODYARD: My name is Ahmya Woodyard, and I'm 17 years old. When he gave his first speech after he became president - how humbling he became - it was like a switch turned on. He won't be like as mean and nasty as he was before. He is, like - actually just wants to help our country. And he will, like - he will be the president that we need him to be.


CORNISH: Reactions from students at SciTech High School in Harrisburg, Pa.

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