Dash To Victory What's that French phrase for a two-person meeting where you put your heads together? If you said "tete-a-tete," then you'll enjoy this final round where every answer contains at least two hyphens.

Dash To Victory

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Now it's time to crown our big winner. Let's bring back our finalists, Rohan Pidaparti, who thinks he's on "Jeopardy..."


EISENBERG: ...And Katie Brookoff, who responded to a Craigslist post and ended up living with a member of an in-costume monster metal band.


EISENBERG: Puzzle guru Art Chung, take it away.

ART CHUNG: Thanks, Ophira. Katie and Rohan, your final round is called Dash To Victory. Every answer contains at least two hyphens in it. So if I said it's French for a two-person meeting where you put your heads together, that would be tete-a-tete. We're going to play this like a penalty shoot-out. You'll each get up to eight questions. The contestant who scores the most points will be our big winner. Your prize will be an ASK ME ANOTHER Rubik's Cube signed by Tim Gunn and a "Project Runway" hat and shirt. We flipped a coin backstage, and Katie is going first. Here we go. Katie, it's 50 percent milk, 50 percent light cream.

KATIE BROOKOFF: Half-and-half.

CHUNG: That is right.


CHUNG: Rohan, it's a term that describes a boxing match or other program you might watch and pay extra for on TV.

ROHAN PIDAPARTI: Pay-per-view.

CHUNG: That is correct.


CHUNG: Katie, it's an activity where you create a picture by coloring spaces indicated by digits.

BROOKOFF: Color-by-number.

CHUNG: Yeah. We'll take that. Paint-by-number or color-by-numbers.


CHUNG: Rohan, it's a hip-hop group with hits like "What A Man" and "Push It."

PIDAPARTI: Kid 'n Play.

CHUNG: No. I'm sorry. We were looking for a Salt-N-Pepa.


CHUNG: Katie, it's the furniture maker who trademarked the term reclina-way.


CHUNG: That is correct.


CHUNG: Rohan, it's Donald Trump's relation to Jared Kushner.

PIDAPARTI: Father-in-law.

CHUNG: That is right.


CHUNG: Katie, the floral symbol that appears three times on New Orleans' official city flag.

BROOKOFF: Fleur-de-lis.

CHUNG: That is right.


CHUNG: Rohan, The Carousel Work company of Mansfield, Ohio, is one of the last remaining manufacturers of this classic ride.

PIDAPARTI: Tilt-a-Whirl.

CHUNG: No, I'm sorry. We were looking for merry-go-round.

PIDAPARTI: Oh, does it have hyphens? Oh, man.


CHUNG: Two of them.


CHUNG: At the halfway point, the score is Katie has 4. Rohan has 2. Katie, a top job at a newspaper, the person in charge is a people who assigns stories to reporters.

BROOKOFF: Editor-in-chief.

CHUNG: That is correct.


CHUNG: Rohan, do you remember the state flower of Alaska?




JONATHAN COULTON: Technically, that's correct.


EISENBERG: No, no, no - four dashes.

PIDAPARTI: No-no-no-no.

CHUNG: I'm sorry.

PIDAPARTI: You didn't let me finish.

CHUNG: We were looking for Forget-me-not.



CHUNG: Sorry. So, Katie, if you get this question right, you're our grand winner.


CHUNG: A girl scout cookie flavor that's also called peanut butter sandwich.

BROOKOFF: I know every other girl scout cookie flavor.


BROOKOFF: Nutter Butter.

CHUNG: No, I'm sorry. We were looking for Do-si-dos.


CHUNG: All right, Rohan, you need this question right to stay in the game.



CHUNG: It's an almond toffee candy with a bumblebee on the wrapper. You have three seconds.

PIDAPARTI: Almond toffee bumblebee.


PIDAPARTI: (Unintelligible) Swiss, I believe, Swiss-made.

COULTON: That's three hyphens. That's three hyphens.

CHUNG: That was a brilliant guess, but I'm sorry. The correct answer was Bit-O-Honey, which means, Katie, congratulations.


EISENBERG: You guys are amazing and also so entertaining. Thank you, Rohan.


EISENBERG: Congratulations, Katie. You're our big winner, and that's our show. ASK ME ANOTHER's puzzle guru is Art Chung.

CHUNG: Hey, my name anagrams to narc thug.

EISENBERG: Our house musician is Jonathan Colton.

CHUNG: Thou jolt a cannon.

EISENBERG: Our puzzles were written by Shawn Kennedy, Mike Nothnagle (ph), Scott Ross and senior writers Kyle Beekley (ph) and Karen Lurie (ph). ASK ME ANOTHER is produced by Mike Katzif, Travis Larchuk, Julia Melfi, Denny Shin, Rommel Wood and our intern Camila Salazar...

CHUNG: Asia llama czar.

EISENBERG: ...Along with Steve Nelson and Anya Grundmann. We were recorded by Damon Whittemore, Richie Clark (ph) and Nate Kinsella (ph). ASK ME ANOTHER was created by Eric Nuzum and Jesse Baker. We'd like to thank our home in Brooklyn New York, The Bell House...

CHUNG: Hot heel blues.

EISENBERG: ...And our production partner WNYC. I'm her ripe begonias.

CHUNG: Ophira Eisenberg.


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