A New Trick To Get Those VIP Tickets A teenager in the U.K. got bad seats at a concert. So he edited the band's Wikipedia page to say he was the singer's cousin — and he got his seats upgraded.

A New Trick To Get Those VIP Tickets

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THE SHERLOCKS: (Singing) Please don't try and run...


Good morning. I'm David Greene. You know how it stinks when you go to a concert and you're stuck in the back behind someone really tall? Well, a British teenager named Adam Boyd had a solution. He went to see the band The Sherlocks, hated his seat, so he jumped on the band's Wikipedia page. He edited it to say he was the lead singer's cousin and that he inspired their first single, "Live For The Moment." Not true but he did live for the moment, using that Wikipedia page to get upgraded to a VIP seat. You're listening to MORNING EDITION.

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