Neiman Marcus Sells Designer's 'Future Destroyed-High-Top Sneaker' Don't have time to break your sneakers in? The shoes being sold on Neiman Marcus' website look nearly pulled inside out — as if they got caught in a lawn mower. The cost for a pair is $1,425.

Neiman Marcus Sells Designer's 'Future Destroyed-High-Top Sneaker'

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Good morning, I'm Steve Inskeep with a gift for the person who already has pre-ripped jeans. It's a fashion statement to wear jeans with holes in them. But if they're not grungy enough, Nordstrom has been offering mud-caked jeans. And at the Neiman Marcus website, you can add pre-destroyed sneakers. These white sneakers look nearly pulled inside out, as if they got caught in a lawnmower. Just $1,425 and you too can barely walk at all. It's MORNING EDITION.

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