'Pension Envy' for the Golden Years According to a congressional report, U.S. businesses are almost half a billion dollars short in their pension obligations to current and future retirees. Brian Unger examines the growing numbers of workers with "pension envy", and offers a solution for those who face their golden years without a golden parachute.
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Personal finance is also the subject of today's Unger Report. His advice for planning the overtime at FRAM, Brian Unger.



UNGER: For 17 years, on MTV, we watched The Young and the Restless live recklessly and naked in a house. Why can't the old and incontinent do the same? by living out their remaining years together under one roof, people with no retirement may have one thing in old age that's better than a pension. They'll have a hot tub, and that is today's Unger Report. I'm Brian Unger.

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