Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dies At 41 Chester Bennington, the lead singer for the rock band Linkin Park, died Thursday at the age of 41. Police said they were investigating the death as a possible suicide.

Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dies At 41

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Chester Bennington, the singer from the rock band Linkin Park, died yesterday at 41 years old. Authorities say they are investigating his death as a possible suicide.

Linkin Park broke onto the scene in the early 2000s, selling millions of albums with their mix of heavy rock and rap. Bennington spoke openly about his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, and it came out in his lyrics.


LINKIN PARK: (Singing) There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface, consuming, confusing. This lack of self-control I fear is...

GREENE: He found solace in music and poetry after a childhood he described as unhappy. Earlier this year, he spoke with ET Canada about his attitude and outlook towards life and the prospects of touring Linkin Park's newest album, "One More Light."


CHESTER BENNINGTON: Perspective is everything.


BENNINGTON: And it's the difference between going through an ordeal or going through an adventure.

GREENE: The voice of Chester Bennington from the band Linkin Park. He died yesterday at the age of 41.


LINKIN PARK: (Singing) I've become so numb. I can't feel you there, become so tired, so much more...

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