Cincinnati Zoo's Fiona The Hippo Turns Six Months Old Born six weeks premature, Fiona's odds didn't look good. Now the baby hippo is celebrating her six-month birthday alongside all of her followers, who cheer her on through social media.

While Fighting The Odds, Fiona The Hippo Became A Social Media Star

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Now we have a story of super-fans. Beyonce has the Beehive. Rihanna has her Rihanna Navy. And then there's Team Fiona.



That is Fiona the hippo.

INSKEEP: As if you needed to be told.

MARTIN: That's right.


MARTIN: She's a baby hippopotamus who has catapulted to social media stardom. Fiona was born at the Cincinnati Zoo. She was six weeks premature and weighed just 29 pounds, half the healthy weight for a newborn hippo. Zookeepers were not sure she would make it. But Fiona grew. Michelle Curley of the Cincinnati Zoo says her social media following grew, too.

MICHELLE CURLEY: Well, we became consumed with all things Fiona. We've done an update on Facebook every day since she was born.

INSKEEP: All right, you may think that social media is completely consumed with just one news story. And you would be correct. But at the Cincinnati Zoo, that one thing is Fiona.

CURLEY: We started to focus on Fiona I would say 50 to 75 percent of the time.

INSKEEP: Which is a relief for the zoo because it's a better story than last year, when their social media was flooded with stories about the shooting of a gorilla.

CURLEY: The attention has continued. But it's been only supportive attention and positive, good news. That was a nice switch and quite a relief from what we had experienced before that.

MARTIN: So here's a news update on Fiona, that premature hippo, who was once just 29 pounds. She turned 6 months old yesterday - happy birthday, Fiona. And she was up to 375 pounds at last count.


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