Alice Cooper Finds Andy Warhol Art After 40 Years In Storage In the 1970s, Alice Cooper received a silkscreen by his friend Andy Warhol. Then he forgot about it. He and his manager dug it out of storage, and now it may be worth millions.

Alice Cooper Finds Andy Warhol Art After 40 Years In Storage

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I'm Steve Inskeep. And this is Alice Cooper.


ALICE COOPER: (Singing) Welcome to my nightmare. I think you're gonna like it.


In the 1970s, Alice Cooper lived a stereotypical rockstar life, alcohol, drugs, hanging out with other celebrities. One of his friends at the time was Andy Warhol. And Cooper's girlfriend gave him a Warhol screen print as a gift.

INSKEEP: This is a famous print. It shows an execution chamber with an electric chair in the middle of the room, which was fitting because Alice Cooper had used an electric chair as a prop in a stage show. After the tour, the print and the prop both went into storage.

MARTIN: And that's where they stayed for about 40 years. Then a couple years ago, Alice Cooper's manager remembered that this Warhol print existed. He mentioned it to Cooper, who then dug it up and had it authenticated.

INSKEEP: It was found to be real and, if it's in good shape, could be worth up to $10 million.

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