McCartney Is 64... Do We Still Love Him? Musical icon Paul McCartney turns 64 on Sunday.

McCartney Is 64... Do We Still Love Him?

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(Soundbite of Beatles song)


Boomers, you knew this day was coming and tomorrow it arrives. Paul McCartney turns 64. That milestone seemed impossibly far away when he first sang about aging on the Sergeant Pepper's album back in 1967. Now the cute Beatle is a bit wrinkled and jowly, but thank goodness he hasn't lost his hair.

The Song Facts website says that Paul McCartney wrote the music for the tune When I Was About Fifteen, and used to play it when the Beatles were still known as the Quarrymen. Later on he put lyrics to the song in honor of his father's 64th birthday.

And to answer your question, Sir Paul, yes, we still need you, and we'll still feed you. But we learned a long time ago never trust anyone over 30.

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