Squirrel With Drive Interrupts Kent State-Louisville Football Game A squirrel sprinted on to the field and ran for 40-yards. Had the squirrel scored a touchdown, it would have outscored Kent State. Final Score: Louisville Cardinals 34, Kent State Golden Flashes 3.

Squirrel With Drive Interrupts Kent State-Louisville Football Game

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Good morning. I'm Mary Louise Kelly with college-football news of the rodent kind. The University of Louisville and Kent State were squaring off when a squirrel dropped onto the field and never looked back. He ran 40 yards, as James Bates of Fox Sports called the game.


JAMES BATES: Hey, look at him go. Wes, he might do it. Oh, my goodness, buddy. Do it. Do it. Touchdown. Whoa.

KELLY: Yes, it was. In fact, that squirrel scored more points than Kent State. Final score, 42-3. It's MORNING EDITION.

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