ACLU Sues Pennsylvania City Over Immigrant Policies A city in east-central Pennsylvania that's trying to crack down on illegal immigrants is being sued by Hispanic activists and the ACLU. Among other things, Hazleton, Penn., wants to fine landlords who rent to illegal immigrants.


ACLU Sues Pennsylvania City Over Immigrant Policies

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Immigration is also a hot-button election issue. An update now to a story we reported yesterday morning. We told you about Hazelton, Pennsylvania, a town that has one of the toughest laws dealing with illegal immigration.

Yesterday afternoon, Hispanic activists and the ACLU sued the city over the constitutionality of that ordinance which includes denying business permits to companies that hire illegal immigrants and fining landlords who rent homes to illegal immigrants. The lawsuit contends that only the federal government may regulate immigration.

About a third of Hazelton's residents are Hispanic.

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