Start Me Up DING! That imaginary bell means it's time for an audio quiz about the sounds you hear when events, movies, and video games begin.

Start Me Up

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Next, we'll play an audio quiz about startup sounds. But first let's check in with our contestants. Christine, you're also a former Canadian champion gymnast?


EISENBERG: OK. Please tell us about that.

SIROIS: So I started gymnastics when I was two and a half. And I competed in a sport called power tumbling which...

EISENBERG: Sounds like a dryer setting.



SIROIS: You know in regular gymnastics when they tumble from corner to corner?


SIROIS: It's like that except you do twice as many flips. And the floor is not quite as bouncy as a trampoline but more bouncy than the regular floor.

EISENBERG: Whoa. Yeah.

SIROIS: So it's a little bit nuts. And I spent 20 hours a week doing that as a teenager. And my last year before I retired from gymnastics at 18, I won a gold medal at the Canadian championships in Calgary, Alberta.



EISENBERG: Demian, you really got into rock climbing after a breakup, as you do.


EISENBERG: I find rock climbing kind of a dangerous sport. I mean, you're hanging off of rocks with basically the tips of your fingers. I mean, have you been in any dangerous situations?

VANDERPUTTEN: When I was outdoor climbing for the first time, I was - it was my first outdoor lead, which means you bring the rope up with you, which means the falls are - instead of a couple of centimeters, they're now one and a half to three meters, which is a long way to fall. I got up to the top. And I thought there were some, like, pine needles. But they were actually daddy long leg spiders that I put my hands on. And I hadn't clipped into the anchor yet. I was a meter and a half above the last point. And my belayer's screaming, clip in. Clip in. Clip in. And all I could do was just say, just a minute because they're dumb. They're the most comical of all spiders.


VANDERPUTTEN: But they decided that their best route of escape was up my arms and down my body. So I realized then I was more afraid of falling than I was of spiders so I - yeah. Yeah.


EISENBERG: OK. Next, it's an audio quiz called Start Me Up. We'll play sounds you hear when something is beginning or starting up. You ring in and tell us what those things are. Demian, you won the last game. So you win this, and you're off to the final round. Christine, you need to win this or you have to perform an Apple update on the first day of its release.


EISENBERG: Here's your first clip.


EISENBERG: Christine.

SIROIS: A Windows PC.

EISENBERG: A Windows is correct. Specifically, it was Windows '98. What movie studio's film is starting up now?


EISENBERG: Christine.


EISENBERG: That is correct. Yes.


EISENBERG: You guys ever feel like that second roar is just a little too much? - like, really, just the one.

JONATHAN COULTON: (Laughter) We get it, lion.

EISENBERG: Yeah, exactly. What trading institution is starting up when you hear this?


EISENBERG: Christine.

SIROIS: Wall Street - Dow Jones on Wall Street.

EISENBERG: I like what's going on here. We're not at the answer yet.

SIROIS: The S&P industrial average on Wall Street.

EISENBERG: OK. All right - not exactly what we're looking for.

SIROIS: The stock market on Wall Street (laughter).

EISENBERG: Demian, can you steal?

VANDERPUTTEN: The New York Stock Exchange.

EISENBERG: That is what we were looking for - exactly.


EISENBERG: What device is starting up here?



VANDERPUTTEN: The Nintendo GameCube.

EISENBERG: That is correct.


EISENBERG: I feel like a lot of our listeners just went into a joyful, hypnotic state.


EISENBERG: They're, like, dying to just grab a bag of chips and chill out. This is your last clue. What TV show is about to begin?


EISENBERG: Christine.

SIROIS: Sports Center.

EISENBERG: ESPN Sports Center - that is correct.


EISENBERG: I feel like those driving guitars just say male.

COULTON: It's like a punch in the face.


EISENBERG: Puzzle guru Greg Pliska, how did our contestants do it?

GREG PLISKA: Well, it was another very close and exciting match. But Christine is the winner of round two.


PLISKA: So this means you've each won one game. We're going to go on to a quick game three. Now, here's how this works. I'll give you a category. And you'll go back and forth naming things that fall into that category. The first contestant to mess up will be eliminated. Now, you buzz in to answer first.

Here's your category. On a standard American computer keyboard, name the punctuation marks above the number keys.


PLISKA: Demian.

VANDERPUTTEN: The @ symbol.

PLISKA: The @ symbol is above the number two - Christine.

SIROIS: The backwards apostrophe thingy.


VANDERPUTTEN: I'm sorry. There is no apostrophe above a number key on a standard keyboard. So Christine, we are sorry to see you go. And Demian, congrats. You're headed to the final round.


EISENBERG: Coming up, we'll find out who will face off against Demian in our final round. And I'll ask Jason Mraz what it's like to win not one but two Grammys and not one but two Teen Choice Awards. Plus, we'll also talk to him about his avocado farm. Avoc-don't go away. I'm Ophira Eisenberg. And this is ASK ME ANOTHER from NPR.

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