5 Gift Wrapping Tips From A Pro Professional gift wrapper Mia Canada shares a few tips for making holiday wrapping a cinch — even at the eleventh hour.

5 Gift Wrapping Tips From A Pro

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All right, so that takes care of getting your present to you. But what about making it look just right? Take a tip from a pro - getting those nice crisp folded edges on your package is key.

MIA CANADA: I crease everything.


Mia Canada is the master gift wrapper - that's a job - master gift wrapper at That's A Wrap! in Atlanta, Ga. And she uses her forefinger and thumb to sharpen each fold of paper on every single holiday present she wraps.

CANADA: It gives it a more tailored look. Imagine buying a suit off the rack and then having one that is made specifically for you. And so that's what creasing kind of does to any gift. It just lays the paper down on every angle of the box.

MARTIN: Canada got her start in the professional gift wrapping business 12 years ago at - where else? - a mall.

CANADA: A friend of mine who worked in the management office at a local mall approached me about doing the gift wrapping for that mall. And at the time, I had no gift wrapping experience at all. And that's what I said, like, I give my gifts in bags like everybody else. What are you talking about? And she says, well, no, you're very creative. You'll figure it out. And I was like, oh, snap. And that night I went home and like YouTubed (ph). And then I went to all different kinds of places and got gifts wrapped. And I would deconstruct them and kind of create my own way of doing things.

Thank you for choosing That's A Wrap! Yeah, that's exactly what we do. We wrap. No, you're calling from Toronto? No, we're in the U.S. We're - yes, we're in Atlanta, Ga.

This time of year is very busy as you can imagine. Everybody gifts this time of year. Gift wrapping has definitely - it was a lost art. I think it is definitely on the rise now. And I think that this business just naturally allows me to be around people that are celebrating something, someone they love or - you know, so their spirits are always very high when they come in.

OK. How cute is that?

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: I love it. Now I don't want her to open it.



CANADA: Just the thought of the wrapping itself, you know, like it just prolongs the experience. It creates an experience versus, you know, a gift bag is really all about, I didn't have time, the presentation of this was last-minute thought versus someone who took the time to either wrap it themselves or to get it professionally wrapped.

I like to ask my clients what kind of emotions they want to evoke when the recipient sees the gift. Do you want them to be happy, cry tears of joy, you know, laugh, feel nostalgic? And once I know that, then I know kind of what direction to go in. I can give this all of my attention and love. It's perfect.


SOLOMON BURKE: (Singing) Christmas presents around the world.

MARTIN: Oh, I have get to rid of all my gift bags now and start wrapping. Professional gift wrapper Mia Canada of Atlanta, Ga.


BURKE: (Singing) A present for everyone under one great big Christmas.

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