Cow On The Way To A SlaughterHouse Wreaks Havoc The cow broke free, jumped into a lake and swam to an island, where she eluded firefighters who tried to capture her. The cow has impressed a local politician who's fighting for her life.

Cow On The Way To A SlaughterHouse Wreaks Havoc

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Good morning. I'm David Greene. So in Poland, a cow took over an island. This is not your ordinary cow. She was on her way to the slaughterhouse and broke loose. She broke a farm worker's arm. Then she jumped in a lake and swam to an island where firefighters tried to reach her. She eluded them. This cow has impressed a local politician, who is now fighting for her life. As a reward for her attitude, he said, he wants her delivered to safety to enjoy a long retirement. You're listening to MORNING EDITION.

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