The Oscar Elders: 3 Octogenarians Make Academy Award History For James Ivory, Christopher Plummer and Agnes Varda, their late 80s are proving fruitful. They're now the three oldest people ever nominated for an Oscar.

The Oscar Elders: 3 Octogenarians Make Academy Award History

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The awards ceremony best known for golden statuettes is looking more silver this year. That mean B.J. Leiderman who writes our theme music will finally be nominated? As NPR's Neda Ulaby reports, three of the people nominated for Oscars are among the oldest ever.

NEDA ULABY, BYLINE: We're not talking honorary Oscars. Actress Gloria Stuart was 87 when she was nominated for "Titanic." This year, 88-year-old Christopher Plummer was the oldest person nominated as Best Supporting Actor for the second time. When Plummer won for the movie "Beginners" in 2012, he took the stage and started talking to his Oscar statuette.


CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER: You're only two years older than me, darling. Where have you been all my life?

ULABY: Over more than six decades, Plummer has appeared in more than 200 films, most famously "The Sound Of Music." But in 2011, Plummer told NPR that aging was an asset for a handsome man who hated being typecast as the lead.


PLUMMER: Finally, I was dissipated enough in my 40s to look like a character actor. And I enjoyed being a character actor because, of course, the roles were so much more interesting.

ULABY: Roles like the one that got him this Oscar nomination as J. Paul Getty - in the movie "All The Money In The World," the oil baron insists he's too poor to pay for his kidnapped grandson's ransom.


PLUMMER: (As J. Paul Getty) Simply isn't possible.

ULABY: Meanwhile, 89-year-old screenwriter James Ivory is one year older than Plummer. He's been nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for his romance "Call Me By Your Name" where the two male leads flirt over arrangements for the piano.


ARMIE HAMMER: (As Oliver) That sounds different. Did you change it?

TIMOTHEE CHALAMET: (As Elio Perlman) I changed it a little bit.

HAMMER: (As Oliver) Why?

CHALAMET: (As Elio Perlman) I just played it the way Liszt would have played it if he'd altered Bach's version.

ULABY: But Ivory's all of eight days younger than Agnes Varda. This year, she became the oldest person ever nominated for an Oscar.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: (Speaking French).

ULABY: The Belgian-born director discussed making her documentary "Faces Places" on NPR last year with her much younger collaborator, the artist JR.


AGNES VARDA: We calculated we are 55 years difference of age, and it doesn't show in the film. It shows on our faces.

ULABY: Varda helped invent the French new wave. She founded her own production company and - says film scholar Rebecca DeRoo - she directed, edited and wrote most of her more than 50 films.

REBECCA DEROO: So she exercises incredible creative control.

ULABY: Varda's documentary from the year 2000 called "Gleaners And I" dives into the world of people who pick through fields and trash searching for useful or edible scraps. But DeRoo says it's also a profound, personal meditation that touches on the director getting older.

DEROO: And in one scene, she goes to a field where potatoes have been dumped, and they've grown in the shape of a heart.


VARDA: (Speaking French).

DEROO: And she uses this as a kind of way to reflect on aging as she keeps her heart-shaped potatoes in her home. And as they continue to age, they wrinkle. But they also sprout these new shoots and new life.

ULABY: A vibrant metaphor for the creativity of artists as they age.


PLUMMER: You never stop learning.

ULABY: Christopher Plummer says getting older means new chances for reinvention.


ULABY: I feel like I'm starting all over again. Every sort of decade, I feel this. And that's very satisfying.

PLUMMER: Plummer may break his own record as the oldest person to win an acting Oscar this year. And if he's joined by Agnes Varda and James Ivory, those three wins will collectively represent almost two centuries of exemplary filmmaking.

Neda Ulaby, NPR News.

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