Accountant Gets His Big Break As Blackhawks Emergency Goalie A series of injuries caused the Chicago Blackhawks to call on an unexpected emergency goalie, 36-year-old Chicago accountant Scott Foster.

Accountant Gets His Big Break As Blackhawks Emergency Goalie

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All right. We all love a good underdog story, but yesterday in the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks might have outdone themselves. Their first-string goalie Corey Crawford has been out since earlier this season with an injury, and their second-stringer got injured in yesterday morning's practice.


That's right. Two injured goalies. And so yesterday the Blackhawks' third option, Collin Delia, got to play his first NHL game against the Winnipeg Jets. But he also got injured during the game's final period, which led to an even more unlikely debut, for 36-year-old Chicago resident Scott Foster.

KING: Who is not a professional hockey player by any stretch of the imagination. Foster's day job is accounting, but he is officially the emergency goalie for the team, even though he doesn't sit with them. The last time he played a competitive game was 12 years ago in college. But the Blackhawks really, really needed a goalie so he strapped on a mask and got on the ice.



UNIDENTIFIED SPORTSCASTER #2: Yeah. Go get 'em, kid. Yeah. Absolutely. All his team - new teammates - having a little fun with him.

GREENE: I think they're having a little fun with him on the NBC broadcast, as well. So as it turned out - this is amazing - Scott Foster held the opponents, the Jets, scoreless. Seven saves, helping the Blackhawks win 6-2. Here's Foster talking to reporters afterwards.


SCOTT FOSTER: A few hours ago, I was sitting on my computer typing on a 10-key, and now I'm standing in front of you guys. Just finished 14-and-a-half minutes of NHL hockey.

KING: He had a sense of humor about his surprise appearance, and so did his coach.


FOSTER: I don't think I heard anything other than, put your helmet on.


FOSTER: And now I'm standing here.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: Did you see Joel Quenneville just laughing as you were getting on the ice?

FOSTER: I think I would, too.


KING: All right. Seven saves is not bad for an accountant. But remember, tax day is coming up, and so Scott will probably get back to making saves for taxpayers.

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