Wisconsin Man Holds Record For Eating Big Macs Donald Gorske has eaten 30,000 Big Macs. It took him 46 years to reach that milestone. He calls the Big Mac "the best food I ever had."

Wisconsin Man Holds Record For Eating Big Macs

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Good morning. I'm Steve Inskeep with a critique of news copy. A Wisconsin TV news story says Donald Gorske broke his world record by officially eating 30,000 Big Macs Friday. Gorske did not eat 30,000 Big Macs Friday but did eat his 30,000th - took him 46 years, and it's a record. Years ago, he was in the film "Super Size Me," about the health dangers of McDonald's foods. But he's still standing and calls the Big Mac the best food I ever had. It's MORNING EDITION.

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