The Oracle of the Airwaves Andras Jones predicts the future through the medium of music. Jones is a DJ divinator, who hosts a weekly radio show where listeners can hear their forture through his interpretations of randomly selected songs.
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The Oracle of the Airwaves

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The Oracle of the Airwaves

The Oracle of the Airwaves

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If the Rebar people want to know if their parks will be successful, they could consult Radio8Ball. That's where music answers all questions.

(Soundbite of Radio8Ball)

DANE: I want to ask the Radio8Ball if I will find a job that's suited for me and in my field.

Mr. ANDRAS JONES (Host, Radio8Ball Radio Show): Dane H. wants to know, will he find the job that's suited for him and in his field? Okay. I am picking a CD at random right now. I've got a big pile of CDs here. I'm just sort of shuffling them. And why don't you tell me when to stop shuffling.

DANE: Stop.

SIEGEL: So that's how it works. In response to a question, the man behind Radio8Ball grabs a CD at random, puts it in the player, chooses shuffle and lets it rip.

(Soundbite of song, "I Wish I Were In Love Again")

Mr. FRANK SINATRA (Singer): (Singing): I miss the kisses and I miss the bites. I wish I were in love again.

SIEGEL: Then he and the listener try to figure out what the music has to say about the question.

(Soundbite of Radio8Ball)

DANE: That's fairly surprising just because Frank Sinatra has like a lot of personal meaning for me anyway.

Mr. JONES: Yeah?

Mr. DANE: So I was kind of surprised to hear that come up but yeah, like, I had this real love/hate thing with my old job. But it gives me cancer and it's crazy.

SIEGEL: Andras Jones bills himself as the oracle of this enterprise and it's not a joke. We're taking time to mention his show today because at the end of next week, he's taking his act to a stage in Somerville, Massachusetts, and there he'll take questions from a live audience and offer music from a live band, a band called Jim's Big Ego. And they'll call the show the Ego and the Oracle.

Mr. JONES: We'll do it very much similar format. We're going to invite the people in the audience to ask their questions and we'll invite them up on stage and they'll spin a wheel that has songs on it and then Jim's Big Ego will play the song that they get and then we'll interpret that as the answer.

SIEGEL: As the oracle of Radio8Ball since 1998, Andras Jones says he believes in synchronicity.

Mr. JONES: I mean, it's really fun when someone asks a question like should I move to California and the song is called California or the song is called Stay Where You Are. But it's a much more interesting conversation when the song is called Green Walls and then we have to figure out how Green Walls connects with the question. And, you know, we'll find out that oh, yeah. They live in a place that has green walls.

(Soundbite of Radio8Ball)

Unidentified Boy: My question is, what should I do with the rest of my summer?

Mr. JONES: Okay. I'm shuffling the CDs. Why don't you tell me when to stop shuffling?

Unidentified Boy: Now.

(Soundbite of song, "Found a Friend")

Mr. TRACY THIELEN (Singer): (Singing, "Found a Friend"): I was lost in a world of light. I wasted what was right. But now I sing.

Mr. JONES: That was Tracy and the Hindenburg Ground Crew. Tracy Thielen, who was the leader of this band, died of a heroin overdose this year. And he was a friend of mine. So the Radio8Ball is encouraging you to maybe bust out of your shell and at the same time saying but there are always consequences.

SIEGEL: Now I want you to tell me where you would place this program on the question of divination between good, poetic, metaphorical fun and serious Pacific Northwest New Ageyness?

Mr. JONES: I guess it's a healthy dose of both. I definitely take it seriously but I also think that any spiritual pursuit that isn't really leavened with humor isn't really worth a damn.

And I also believe that the more that we can be aware of synchronicity is really good for humanity in general and for every person in particular to really get a sense that right now what's happening at exactly this moment is exactly what should be happening.

SIEGEL: And what is happening next week in Somerville, Massachusetts, is a stage show version of Radio8Ball. That is when and where host Andras Jones teams up with the band Jim's Big Ego.

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