Jitterbug Phone Harks Back to a Simpler Time A new cell phone is supposed to be like an old phone: simple and easy. It's called the Jitterbug.

Jitterbug Phone Harks Back to a Simpler Time

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Today's last word in business is the Jitterbug cell phone. The Jitterbug is a dance hat was popular decades ago, and now there's a product designed for people old enough to remember it.

It's a flip phone, as big as the kind of normal telephone receiver you have in your house, or used to, before handhelds. The buttons and the text on the screen are extra large, and there's even a dial tone.

No calculator, games, or text messaging on these babies. It's a cell phone that takes you back to a time when men were men and phones were just phones. If you dial zero, you'll even get an operator.

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