A Web Dating Success Brian Wolf, 30, got sick of the popularity contest of online dating and created his own dating Web site called So far, he's had great success finding dates willing to "settle." Wolf talks with Madeleine Brand about his audacious dating ventures.
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And now, a lesson in love. Brian Wolf is a Chicago marketing manager who likes sports. He calls himself an ordinary guy, and he thinks he's the kind of man a nice woman would like to get to know. Brian has tried the online dating scene, but with no luck. And so, he has set up his very own dating Web site. It's called I spoke with Brian earlier about his romantic philosophy.

Mr. BRIAN WOLF (Marketing Manager; Creator, Well, I think the theory behind the site is that in the end, everybody settles. There are no perfect relationships. I've laid out on my site my pros and cons. A woman can decide if I'm the kind of guy she'd want to settle for.

BRAND: What are your pros?

Mr. WOLF: Well, I'm tall. I have a good job. I know all the words to Baby Got Back, so…

BRAND: Well, that's a huge pro.

Mr. WOLF: Exactly.

BRAND: So what are the cons?

Mr. WOLF: Well, the number one con that I put on there is that I don't want kids, which I know was a deal breaker from most women, so it's why I list it first. But in addition, I'm losing my hair. I have a big nose - big ears as well. Hopefully that gives a partial picture of some of my negative qualities.

BRAND: So the idea is hey, ladies. There's no prince charming out there. Settle for me instead?

Mr. WOLF: Exactly. I mean, if a woman thinks that she's going to find the guy who looks like Brad Pitt, makes the big bucks and has all these perfect, perfect qualities, you know, that's kind of a pipe dream. There's not a lot of those guys out there, and they are all pretty much already taken.

BRAND: Well, why don't go the traditional route - or I guess the traditional route for these days - and go to a dating Web site?

Mr. WOLF: Yeah, I mean, I've used dating Web sites with varying success. Actually, I tried to use eHarmony, and I actually got rejected.

BRAND: Rejected?

Mr. WOLF: Yeah. So…

BRAND: How did you get rejected from a dating Web site?

Mr. WOLF: I don't know, but I filled out the 200-question questionnaire that they have before you can sign up for the Web site so they can decide who the right matches are you. And when I hit the submit button, the site just said, we're sorry there's some people we just don't think we can find the match for. And the other interesting thing is I guess I'm not the only person that's happened to, because I've gotten quite a few e-mails from people saying wow, I thought I was the only one. I was rejected by eHarmony, too. So, I guess there are a lot of us out there. We need to start a support group.

(Soundbite of laughter)

BRAND: So what has been the response to Have you gotten dates?

Mr. WOLF: Yeah. I have been going out with a few different women. One of them I'm still dating, seeing where that's going. So I would definitely call it a rousing success.

BRAND: Yeah. I'll say. And she's settling? Does she think she's settling? .TEXT: Mr. WOLF: I don't know if she thinks she's settling. That's a great question. I have to ask her.

(Soundbite of laughter)

BRAND: All right. I have to note that on your Web site, you're selling T-shirts with your picture on it. And, you know, the cynic can makes me think, well, is this just a marketing ploy? You are a marketer, after all.

Mr. WOLF: I am a marketer. I can assure you of this, that's not a marketing ploy. And I'm selling very, very few T-shirts. It's a definitely - it's a heartfelt effort to find the right woman.

BRAND: How do you feel about the world knowing so much about you? Just anyone can log on to your Web site and see pictures of you and find out, you know, your pros and cons - who you are.

Mr. WOLF: The hardest part is I didn't tell my family about it when I put the site up. And so that was the hard confrontation to have with my mom. She…

BRAND: What did your mom say?

Mr. WOLF: You know, Madeleine, nobody's mom likes to think that their child needs to be settled for.

(Soundbite of laughter)


Mr. WOLF: So, you know, she wanted me to put off like a Brian's mom section where she can talk about all the way, she thinks I'm selling myself short. But, you know, once I got passed my family seeing it, then it's kind of like, you know, my friends have thought that I was I really funny. And I've gotten so many supportive e-mails that it actually feels pretty good to be out there.

BRAND: And hey, you got girlfriend out of it.

Mr. WOLF: Yeah. Well, I mean, I'm dating her. I'm not going to go so far as to say that we're boyfriend and girlfriend yet. But yes, it's definitely promising.

BRAND: Does she know all the words to Baby Got Back?

(Soundbite of laughter)

Mr. WOLF: Yeah. I haven't quizzed her yet.

(Soundbite of laughter)

BRAND: Thanks a lot, Brian.

Mr. WOLF: Thanks, Madeleine.

BRAND: And good luck out there.

Mr. WOLF: I appreciate it.

(Soundbite of “Baby Get Back” by Sir Mix a Lot)

SIR MIX A LOT (Rapper): (Rapping) …to get with 'em. So ladies if the butt is round, and you wanna triple X slow down, dial 1-900-mixalot and kick them nasty thoughts. Baby got back.

BRAND: Sir Mix a Lot. That was Brian Wolf of His Web site says he's had more than 100,000 hits.

(Soundbite of “Baby Get Back” by Sir Mix a Lot)

SIR MIX A LOT: (Rapping) Little in the middle, but she got much back. Little in the middle, but she got much back. Little in the middle, but she got much back.

BRAND: Baby Come Back. There's more on DAY TO DAY.

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