Long Line To Vote? A Pizza Delivery Service Will Send A Pie To Crowded Polling Places Hungry poll-goers can now fulfill their civic duty and fill their bellies with the help of Pizza to the Polls, an organization that delivers free, hot pies to crowded voting stations.

Long Line To Vote? A Pizza Delivery Service Will Send A Pie To Crowded Polling Places

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Here is some real and very edible evidence of something we've been reporting on NPR, high interest in the midterm elections. Election Day is still 12 days away, but in many states, voters are lining up at the polls for early voting.


Yeah. And one organization is helping them stay motivated to stay in line by sending pizzas. It's a group called Pizzas to the Polls, and it delivers free pizzas to crowded voting stations.

GREENE: We spoke to one of the founders of Pizza to the Polls. His name is Noah Manger. He says they started in the 2016 election season.

NOAH MANGER: By the end of the election in 2016, we had raised over $40,000 and sent over 2,000 pizzas across the country.

KING: The project's founders use social media to make sure that those thousands of pizzas head to hungry voters at real, actual polling locations.

MANGER: We offer some sort of picture or report from social media to verify that there is in fact a long line or a crowd at the place. And when we do that, we then look up, verify the actual polling place, make sure it's a real place.

KING: Now, it's important to note that they are a nonpartisan organization, and anyone at the polling station is welcome to the pizzas they deliver.

MANGER: Poll workers, volunteers, people waiting in line to vote, their kids - you name it.

KING: Anyone can participate, and you can donate today by going to the website polls.pizza. There, according to the site, you can help feed democracy and feed some hungry voters.


DEAN MARTIN: (Singing) When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...

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