A Texas Woman Throws A Divorce Party And Blows Up Her Dress A woman in Texas didn't just decide to mark her divorce with a party and burning her dress, she took it a step further embedding her dress in 20 pounds of explosives and then shot it.

A Texas Woman Throws A Divorce Party And Blows Up Her Dress

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Good morning. I'm Rachel Martin. The end of something can be just as important in life as the beginning. So why not mark it that way? That's presumably what a Texas woman thought about her divorce. So Kimberly Stiteler decided to throw a party and burn her wedding dress. But just throwing it into a fire didn't feel big enough. So she embedded it with 20 pounds of explosives and shot it, causing a massive explosion. Stiteler said pulling the trigger was liberating. We all get closure in our own way. It's MORNING EDITION.

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