The True-Story, Love-Triangle, Prison-Break Drama 'Escape At Dannemora' Pulled from the headlines, a new Showtime series features sexual liaisons between two inmates and a prison worker (Patricia Arquette) and a comedic actor (Ben Stiller) in the serious director's chair.
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The True-Story, Love-Triangle, Prison-Break Drama 'Escape At Dannemora'

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The True-Story, Love-Triangle, Prison-Break Drama 'Escape At Dannemora'

The True-Story, Love-Triangle, Prison-Break Drama 'Escape At Dannemora'

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In 2015, Richard Matt and David Sweat were in prison. They turned a sexual relationship with a female employee into a path to freedom. For weeks, news coverage followed every twist and turn of their remarkable escape from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y.


UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: This is an important message from the New York State Police. The search continues for two men who escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #2: These men are considered armed.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #3: Hundreds of officers on a massive manhunt.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #4: They are killers. They are murderers.

INSKEEP: After they got out, the men hid in the woods for more than three weeks. And then police found them. Richard Matt was killed in a firefight. David Sweat was taken back into custody. Now, this real-life story is Hollywood drama, seven episodes that premiere Sunday on Showtime - "Escape At Dannemora."


PAUL DANO: (As David Sweat) If that hookup is like you say it is, then I'm in.

BENICIO DEL TORO: (As Richard Matt) So you want to be part of my dream?

DANO: (As David Sweat) Yes. I want to be a part of your dream.

DEL TORO: (As Richard Matt) OK.

DANO: (As David Sweat) Tell me what you got.

DEL TORO: (As Richard Matt) We're busting the [expletive] out of here. That's what we've got.

INSKEEP: That's Benicio Del Toro as Richard Matt and Paul Dano as David Sweat. Patricia Arquette stars as Tilly, the woman who smuggled them tools to escape. Rachel Martin recently talked with Arquette and the film's director, Ben Stiller. Yes, that Ben Stiller.

RACHEL MARTIN, BYLINE: Can you describe, Patricia, why'd you want the role?

PATRICIA ARQUETTE: Well, it was really beautifully written. I wanted to work with Ben. And I just thought...

BEN STILLER: That was the main draw.


ARQUETTE: Exactly. And having talked to one of the writers, he saw Tilly sort of as a woman who loves too much, that sort of love addict personality. A part of her is being seen and loved by each of these different men. And I just thought that was interesting.


ARQUETTE: (As Tilly Mitchell) My husband never looks at me.

DEL TORO: (As Richard Matt) Baby. I want to paint pretty pictures for you - and like dreams. But I need better tools.

ARQUETTE: (As Tilly Mitchell) What do you need?

DEL TORO: (As Richard Matt) Like some blades.

MARTIN: Did you think of her as a victim?

ARQUETTE: Not really. I mean, I do think that she was manipulated. I think that a lot of the guys that are in prison are hustlers and charmers, and it's part of how they've survived. I also think that she victimized others. So it was sort of a mixed bag of tricks.

ARQUETTE: So did you get to meet her?

ARQUETTE: No, I actually didn't want to meet her because I'd seen the Matt Lauer interview, and I saw her lie in that which is interesting as an actor to watch someone lie. But also, having talked to some of these different people who had worked with her, they said that she's very litigious and always threatening people. And I just didn't want to deal with her drama really.

MARTIN: But I understand, Ben, you did spend time with David Sweat.

STILLER: Yeah. Yeah. We went up and met with him. And we talked for about almost six hours. I don't know how much of what he was telling me was the truth. But he did give me a lot of details about how he actually cut his way out of the cell, how they cut their way through the 18-inch steam pipe that they shimmied through to then cut their way out of on the other side and then what happened with him and Richard Matt when they were out on the run for three and a half weeks.

MARTIN: There's this bit at the end - and I don't think we're giving away too much here - but where David Sweat is confronted by the inspector general of New York State. And she asks - for her own purposes, she wants to know if they were friends, Richard Matt and David Sweat. And I'm thinking to myself, of course he's going to say they're friends. Like, they needed each other. There was like a deep love there. And he doesn't give me that in that answer.

STILLER: Well, that, to me, was really like one of the ultimate questions besides the relationship with Tilly between the two guys was, what was their relationship? Was it just one of sort of mutual dependency? But ultimately, when they got out on the run and they were out, it was a different environment for the two of them because they were both, you know, they had choices.

MARTIN: You guys had to build a replica of the Clinton Correctional Facility. And it's a set, so it's not real life. But, Patricia, I wonder if it did - just the storyline and the setting, did it ever feel claustrophobic?

ARQUETTE: Well, I have to say, we shot in a lot of prisons and active prisons. And it really felt very tense.

STILLER: I was going to say, we were actually shooting at Clinton. We were interacting with people in the prison, people who worked there. And so I think that energy was very palpable, feeling, you know, they are concerned about what we were doing, how we are going to portray them.

ARQUETTE: I think there was a sign up on someone's house - go away, Ben - or something.

MARTIN: Wait. Really?


STILLER: No. No. No. No. It was, Ben Stiller, go home.


STILLER: It's happened before. But it was - you know, look. They didn't know what we were doing. They assumed I was directing it. So I think they thought it probably would be something - it was attempting to be funny.

MARTIN: But you're Ben Stiller. You're the funny guy. So it is different for someone to see your name attached to a movie like this. What's going on for you that this is what you want to do right now?


STILLER: What's going on, Ben?

MARTIN: What's going on, Ben?

STILLER: You working out some stuff?

MARTIN: Are you?

STILLER: Sure. I mean, I think anything you do, you're working on stuff, you know. This story came up - the timing of it, the opportunity was there to work on it and to really work with these actors. I felt like I learned so much.

ARQUETTE: I felt like I learned so much, too. Ben was an amazing director. He really gave us a lot of space to explore things and...

STILLER: Handing her a hundred-dollar bill...

ARQUETTE: Keep it coming. Keep it coming.


STILLER: Equal pay. There you go.

ARQUETTE: We did joke around a lot in between.

STILLER: And Patricia just did as, you know, like amazing work, just really without vanity, just saying, I'm going to be this person. I'm not going to care about - you know, she was a sexual person. She's - it's kind of like that was the only currency she really had in there.

ARQUETTE: As scary as these sex scenes were to do, this idea of like, yeah, the natural light's coming through the window and there's no body makeup and a middle-aged woman and it's not this idealized type of body we're taught in Hollywood or society that is allowed to be sexual.

MARTIN: Right.

ARQUETTE: I was saying to someone jokingly, but it's true, you're more likely to see a unicorn in a movie than you are to see a middle-aged woman who enjoys her own sex.

STILLER: Get ready for the next "My Little Pony."


MARTIN: Look. You guys just wrapped up that interview with a nice little bow. The Showtime series is called "Escape At Dannemora." It begins Sunday night. It's directed by Ben Stiller, stars Patricia Arquette. Thanks to both of you. It was so great to talk.

ARQUETTE: Thank you.

STILLER: Thank you.

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