Top Dog Names Of 2018 And Where They Originate The most popular dog names of 2018 say a lot about our world and what we're watching. Increasingly, dogs are getting human names, but is that really a surprise since they're part of the family?

Origins Of The Top Dog Names Of 2018: Pop Culture, Brunch, And Baby Names

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Roll over, Spot, Buddy and Rover. Say hello to Cardi B, Harry and Groot. These are just some of 2018's popular names for dogs.

KATE JAFFE: My name is Kate Jaffe. And I work at And I'm here to talk about dog names.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Dog name curator - who knew? - Jaffe says that pop-culture dog names are popular this year. Music idols, characters from movies, villainous names like Loki and Bane and Sid are up almost 20 percent. So...

JAFFE: In your neighborhood, there's a good chance there's a dog named Pennywise.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Food names also got quite a bit of love, including brunch names...

JAFFE: ...Like Waffles and Muffin and Biscuit.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: But the most popular...

JAFFE: Dogs with human names are bubbling to the top - Max, Charlie, Cooper, Bella, Lucy and Luna. And that makes sense - right? - because pets are members of our family.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Kate Jaffe has a dog, of course.

JAFFE: His name is Oso.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: That's bear in Spanish. My dog's name, Kiko, alas, didn't make the list.

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