Apple's CEO Shows Off Its Long-Awaited iPhone Fans of Apple computers got word that their favorite company is going into the phone business. Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced its new iPhone, which combines a mobile phone — including a camera — with a music player. At the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, Jobs also introduced the Apple TV device.

Apple's CEO Shows Off Its Long-Awaited iPhone

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Well, one new product that hits the product this year was introduced by Steve Jobs of Apple at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco. It's a combination cell phone, music player, Internet browser. It's supposed to revolutionize handheld computing.


And it is called, of course, the iPhone. This is a product that has been the subject of rumor, Internet discussion, build-up nearly worthy of a Segue Human Transporter.

SIEGEL: The iPhone uses a touch screen, and will sync nearly any digital content on your computer: videos, music, e-mail.

NORRIS: A version with four gigabytes of storage will retail for $499. Pay an extra $100 for eight gigabytes.

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