Drone Transports Human Kidney For Transplant The drone was custom built to be able to monitor the payload while in the air. The kidney made it to the University of Maryland Medical Center. The woman who received the kidney called it "amazing."

Drone Transports Human Kidney For Transplant

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Good morning. I'm Rachel Martin. The University of Maryland Medical Center got a special delivery by drone - a human kidney for transplant. It was a short flight, but the drone was custom-built to be able to monitor the precious payload while in the air.


UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: Temperature's appropriate. Organ doesn't appear to be injured at all. Looks like a perfectly transplantable organ.

MARTIN: It was. The kidney made it into a woman from Baltimore who had spent eight years on dialysis. She said, this whole thing is amazing. Yep. It's MORNING EDITION.

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