Child Who Yelled 'Wow' At Mozart Concert Charms Boston Audience The country's oldest orchestra, Handel and Haydn Society, reached the end of Mozart's "Masonic Funeral," when a child exclaimed, "Wow." The group is looking for the child to give them a recording.

Child Who Yelled 'Wow' At Mozart Concert Charms Boston Audience

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Good morning. I'm Noel King. Who says kids don't appreciate the classics - like, the real classics? The country's oldest orchestra, the Handel and Haydn Society, was performing in Boston over the weekend. They arrived at the finale of Mozart's "Masonic Funeral," and then a little kid's voice rang out, captured here by WCRB.



KING: Wow.


KING: He is unidentified. The orchestra is calling him the Wow Child. It's MORNING EDITION.

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