Repentant Thief Regrets Swiping Heinz Ketchup Someone in New Jersey confessed to stealing ketchup. But the thief wrote that bad luck followed — including a car crash. Heinz offered to pay for repairs if the thief comes forward.

Repentant Thief Regrets Swiping Heinz Ketchup

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Good morning. I'm David Greene. An anonymous note was left at a restaurant in New Jersey. Someone confessed to stealing ketchup just for the thrill of it, writing that it felt risky. But the thief wrote that bad luck followed, including a car crash. To repent, the thief brought two bottles of ketchup to the restaurant along with the note, which was posted to Facebook.

Now Heinz wants in on the story. The ketchup-maker is offering to pay for the damage to the car if, that is, the thief is willing to come forward.

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