Double-O No! In this word game, every answer is a two-word phrase in which the first word contains a double-O. One of the Os is removed to create the second word.

Double-O No!

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Our next two contestants will play a game inspired by James Bond. You know, my favorite Bond movie is the one about a stable balance of attractive and repulsive forces called covalent bond - super nerdy. First up, Alex Smailes. You're a software consultant and an avid board game player.

ALEX SMAILES: Yeah. Oh, yeah.

EISENBERG: OK, so you have put thousands of dollars into upgrading your board games.

SMAILES: Yeah, because it's not enough just to buy the board games. They have to look good.


SMAILES: Like, if you're going to be consistently play them, metal pieces, metal coins, that whole thing.

EISENBERG: OK, so is there one game that you've invested the most amount of money in?

SMAILES: Yeah, it's a rather obscure game unless you're, like, in that sort of realm. It's called Scythe, and I think I've put probably $800 into it.

EISENBERG: Eight-hundred dollars?

SMAILES: Yes, yes.

EISENBERG: And you're new to New York.

SMAILES: I'm new to New York.

EISENBERG: And you're looking to hang out and play some board games, right?

SMAILES: Yes, so if anyone wants to play board games - I don't want to give you my contact information on radio (laughter).

EISENBERG: No, no. But you exist, and we know that. Alex, when you ring in, we'll hear this.


EISENBERG: Your opponent is Nolan Boggess. You just graduated from college. Congratulations.


EISENBERG: And you're working in theater production upstate. OK, let's go to your first game. Nolan, if you were a spy, what would your first mission be?

BOGGESS: I think it would be to, like, get extreme couponing, like understand it. Like, that's something that I've always wanted to, like, really get into because I think it's, like, incredible. But, I mean, I would think I would need, like, a mission and, like, a spy brain to really, like, go at that.

EISENBERG: Yeah. Nolan, when you ring in, we'll hear this.


EISENBERG: All right, so we have a word game for you called Double Oh, No. We're going to tell you the plot of an imaginary James Bond movie. Every answer is a two-word phrase. The first word contains a double O. Remove one of the O's to make the second word.

CECIL BALDWIN: For example, if we said 007 finds himself trapped in a chicken enclosure with a law enforcement officer, you'd answer coop cop.



EISENBERG: Yeah, I know.

BOGGESS: Let's do this.

EISENBERG: Q arms 007 with an item of cowboy footwear enhanced with a computer program meant to mimic human behavior on Twitter.



BOGGESS: Boot bot.

EISENBERG: Yeah, that's right.


BALDWIN: 007 is surprised when the new Bond girl, the author of "Mrs Dalloway," first name Virginia, turns out to be a wild canine with fangs and fur.



BOGGESS: Woolf Wolf.

BALDWIN: Correct.

EISENBERG: Yeah, no wonder she needed a room of one's own. That's a little Virginia - OK, in the ultimate faceoff, Blofeld returns and almost sucks 007's face off with his giant, name-brand vacuum cleaner that floats above the ground.



SMAILES: Hoover hover.

EISENBERG: Yeah, that's right.


EISENBERG: Which I believe is called a Roomba.

BALDWIN: 007 loses some of his sex appeal in this animated version, where Bond is portrayed by a cardboard milk container.



SMAILES: Cartoon carton.

BALDWIN: Correct.

EISENBERG: Yeah. He can never find who he's looking for because it's on his back as a milk...

BALDWIN: Where'd he go?

EISENBERG: ...Carton. OK.

BALDWIN: Have you seen Bond? Cold open - 007's latest mission takes him to the Central African city of Yaounde, where he teams up with another agent from "Charlie's Angels," last name Diaz.



SMAILES: Cameron Cameroon - or Cameroon Cameron.

BALDWIN: Correct.

EISENBERG: Yeah, nice one.


EISENBERG: All right, this is your last clue. 007 walks through two swinging doors into a villain's layer that from the outside looks like a cowboy bar. But inside, his arch nemesis is getting his nails done - red polish with one gold finger.



SMAILES: Saloon salon.

EISENBERG: Yeah, that's it.


EISENBERG: Cecil Baldwin, how did our contestants do?

BALDWIN: That was a great game. And, Alex, you're in the lead.


EISENBERG: ASK ME ANOTHER is going on a tour through Texas. We're heading to San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Austin. We'll have great guests, puzzles, word games, trivia and at least one game called Everything's Bigger In Texas. Tickets at

Coming up, Antoni from "Queer Eye" is back. Could this show get any more adorable? The answer is yes, as we quiz him about corgis. I'm Ophira Eisenberg, and this is ASK ME ANOTHER from NPR.


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