Nashville Record Firm Still Presses the Vinyl United Record Pressing is among the last vinyl record manufacturers, making about 40,000 records a day. In this digital age, about 850,000 vinyl records were sold last year. That compares with 550 million CDs.

Nashville Record Firm Still Presses the Vinyl

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And some of those hundreds of satellite channels might even be playing music from vinyl.

Our last word in business is about a company that still cranks out up to 40,000 old fashioned records a day. United Record Pressing in Nashville is one of the last vinyl record manufacturers in the country. For those of you who've never seen or used a record, physical grooves are etched into it mimicking the sound wave.

Most music these days is transformed into digital packets of information. About 850,000 vinyl records were sold last year. By comparison, the number of CDs sold is about 550 million.

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