20-Year-old McDonald's Hamburger Is Standing Up Against Time A Utah man owns what he calls "the world's oldest hamburger." KUTV in Heber City recently checked in with David Whipple to see how his burger, which he keeps in a Big Mac tin, is holding.

20-Year-old McDonald's Hamburger Is Standing Up Against Time

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Good morning. I'm Steve Inskeep. This summer, a McDonald's hamburger will be old enough to legally drink. Utah's David Whipple bought the burger in 1999 and only intended to save it for a week to show how things deteriorate. But more than 20 years later, Mr. Whipple still has the burger sealed in a burger tin. He opened it for the first time in six years for KUTV in Heber City and found that everything but the pickle and the ketchup remain. Wonder how that would taste.

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