Stay Homas: The Roommates Writing Quarantine Songs In Their Barcelona Apartment Three roommates in Spain, who call themselves Stay Homas, are using their skills as professional musicians to come out with a new song about the coronavirus every day as they self-quarantine.

They Were Roommates: Meet The Band Writing Songs From Its Quarantined Apartment

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Like much of the world, people in Spain are being asked to stay indoors. But one group of roommates in Barcelona has turned the lockdown into a jam session.


STAY HOMAS: (Singing) Please stay homa. Please stay home. Don't want the corona.

MARTIN: That's the three-man group Stay Homas. They've been in self-isolation for three weeks. But they've been keeping very busy. They release a number of new songs about quarantine on YouTube every week. One of the group's members, Klaus Stroink, says they like to mix it up.

KLAUS STROINK: First it's bossa nova. Then it's reggae. Then it's, like, Spanish rumba. And then it's, like, Irish folk and trap.


STAY HOMAS: (Rapping in Spanish).

MARTIN: So far, they've composed more than a dozen songs. They write in the morning and have turned their apartment balcony into their recording studio, where they track the songs in the evening. Their anthems are reaching tens of thousands of people who have been getting in contact with the band.

GUILLEM BOLTO: A lot of messages that say, wow, I'm very sad. I have a friend or I have people sick. And you make me smile. That simple message that making someone smile is - it's crazy.

MARTIN: The group says they never expected to hear from other people. They are just happy to be surrounded by friends and making music they love.

STROINK: I really like the sixth one, which is like a '60s soul - (beatboxing, singing) I want to see my friend.


STAY HOMAS: (Singing) I just want to see my friends. I want to walk the streets again. But I got to be patient. Let's enjoy this confination.

STROINK: For example, that lyric came with the melody that was Guillem, who was in the shower and was, like, alone in his thought. And then he came. And, hey, (singing) I want to see my friend again.

BOLTO: I came out from the shower. And I went with my towel still wet. And, guys, guys, I have the lyrics.

STROINK: (Laughter).

BOLTO: Listen to this.


STAY HOMAS: (Singing) I want to see my friend. I want to walk the streets again, again, again.

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