Your Anti-Anxiety Playlist: Darlingside Listeners share the songs that make them feel calm during this stressful time.

Your Anti-Anxiety Playlist: Darlingside

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We're going to turn once again to our no-stress playlist, a regular feature where we play the songs that help you stay calm during these stressful times. This week's selection is a bit of a surprise. It is in honor of our very own executive producer, Natalie Winston. She's been super-busy lately doing a lot of extra work to make sure we make it to air safely every week during this pandemic. So, Natalie, thank you. And here's your pick for the playlist - "Hold Your Head Up High" by Darlingside.


DARLINGSIDE: (Singing) How it rambles 'round the moon, a let-go-of balloon. Nothing is forever, everything is soon. And my father as he stands, a perfect cartoon man, heavy-sighed and open-eyed, I heard him speak. Hold your head up high. Hold your head up high.

MARTIN: That is "Hold Your Head Up High" by Darlingside. You can still add to our special Anti-Anxiety Playlist even if it isn't, say, your birthday. If you've got a song that helps you relieve stress, tell us about it. Just tweet us at @npratc using the hashtag #nostressplaylist. And we will hear more of your music picks next weekend.


DARLINGSIDE: (Singing) Scratches on the album that you're singing to. Hold your head up high. Hold your head up high.

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