Remembering COVID-19 Victim Devin Francis Of Miami Devin Francis, 44, a radiology technician in Miami, was months away from getting married when he died of COVID-19 in April. His daughter turned 11 this week.

Remembering COVID-19 Victim Devin Francis Of Miami

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Devin Francis of Miami was a front-line worker twice over. He was a radiology technician and had a job with American Airlines. He loved to cook. And at 44 years old, he died of COVID-19. As the U.S. surpasses 100,000 coronavirus deaths, Francis is one of the people we are remembering this morning. His fiancee Micela Scott shared some of her memories.

MICELA SCOTT: Before I met him when he was younger, they called him Gummy Bear, Devo (ph). I don't know how he got them names, but he had them when I met him (laughter). He's very shy. But if you knew him, you'd never really see him mad. When he proposed for me - it was Christmas he proposed to me 'cause when we first met met, we met around Christmas. I wanted a perfume. So when I opened it, I was so happy. Like, oh, my God, he got me - so I'm thinking that's all I got. I was excited about just that. Later on, he proposed to me. I didn't have no idea.


DEVIN FRANCIS: Will you marry me?


FRANCIS: All right.

SCOTT: He was a good guy (ph), a great father and the greatest soul mate, you know, a very hard worker and a good chef, good cook (laughter).

GREENE: Micela Scott remembering her fiance, Devin Francis, who died of COVID-19 at the age of 44.


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