Jon Stewart, Lost in D.C., Collects USO Award Daily Show host Jon Stewart is the winner of a Merit Award from a branch of the USO, the private group that sends celebrities to entertain U.S. troops. Driving down from New York to accept the award, Stewart gets lost in Washington, D.C., shouting "Where's Pennsylvania Avenue?"

Jon Stewart, Lost in D.C., Collects USO Award

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As host of "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart regularly mocks U.S. policy in Iraq. He calls it "Messopotamia." Well, tonight he gets an award from the Washington, D.C., branch of the United Service Organization, the USO. The USO is a private group that provides entertainment to the troops - think Bob Hope, the Rockettes, Jessica Simpson. Jon Stewart is here now. He's actually on the road, driving himself from New York to Washington to accept this award. Welcome to the program.

Mr. JON STEWART (Host, "The Daily Show"): Thank you very much. You make driving yourself from New York to Washington seem like - I'm like Jason and the Argonauts. It's really pretty well mapped out.

(Soundbite of laughter) BRAND: I know! It's kind of a straight shot. Well, what did you think when you heard you were getting this award?

Mr. STEWART: I thought that that was very kind of them to do that because I would imagine there are more people that have done far more than I, including everyone that I've ever met in the USO Washington-Metro office. I should probably be giving it to them.

BRAND: Have you ever been to Iraq?

Mr. STEWART: Have I ever been to Iraq?

BRAND: Yeah.


BRAND: Is it something that you might consider, as part of a USO tour?

Mr. STEWART: I'd probably consider it. I'm not so sure my wife would be crazy about it. That's been the thing. This is mostly for visits to the Washington area hospitals.

BRAND: Right, so this is actually for you visiting the troops at Walter Reed, right?

Mr. STEWART: I don't know what else I've done, so I'm assuming it's that. It could be like I was the seventh caller, I don't really know how they picked it.

BRAND: Well, you have visited soldiers at Walter Reed Army Hospital there in Washington, D.C. area...

Mr. STEWART: And Bethesda Naval as well.

BRAND: And Bethesda Naval. What kind of reaction do you get from them?

Mr. STEWART: Well, most of the time they're on morphine. And I got to tell you, that's the best audience. Anytime you're on opiates, pretty much every bit of material goes over. No, they - you know, it's very interesting because the soldiers are a cross-section of America, just a lot braver. And you know, they are remarkably apolitical, remarkably humble, you know. I get more out of the visits than I think they ever do.

BRAND: Let's just turn to politics for just a second, and I just want to ask you about, you know, a lot of pundits did credit Hillary Clinton's appearance on your show before the Ohio and Texas vote as pivotal. That she appeared funny, that she was relaxed, that she, you know, she came across really well. How do you feel, as host of "The Daily Show," a comedy show, as - how do you feel playing such, well, what could be a pivotal role in this campaign?

Mr. STEWART: Well, if the pundits said it, then I can't imagine that it would be wrong because I don't recall them being wrong before. So if that's what they were suggesting, then I must be a king maker.

BRAND: Well, do you ever feel uncomfortable with that role, because, you know, it's not just the pundits who say that?

Mr. STEWART: If being put over the top for a presidential nomination was as easy as appearing on, you know, a basic cable program, I think our booking sheet would be far busier. You know, we also had Chris Dodd on. I don't recall him getting the Stewart Bump.

BRAND: Maybe he got the Colbert Bump, I don't know.

Mr. STEWART: Could have gotten the Colbert Bump. That might have been a better shot for him.

BRAND: Jon Stewart, thank you very much.

Mr. STEWART: Can I ask you a question?

BRAND: Yeah, please!

Mr. STEWART: (Yelling) Where is Pennsylvania Avenue?

BRAND: Keep...

Mr. STEWART: (Yelling) I'm lost!

BRAND: Keep going south! You can't miss it.

Mr. STEWART: (Yelling) This city is not designed properly!

BRAND: I'm sorry you're lost. OK, well Jon, thank you very much.

Mr. STEWART: Thank you very much.

BRAND: That's Jon Stewart, host of "The Daily Show," and soon to be award winner from the USO's chapter in Washington, on the road from New York to Washington to accept that award.

Don't get lost. Stay with us as Day to Day continues.

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