Animals At BioPark Zoo In Albuquerque Sell Art During Lockdown BioPark Zoo closed because of the pandemic. Employees there decided to raise money through The Art Gone Wild project, where people can buy "knockoff" artwork painted by the animals.

Animals At BioPark Zoo In Albuquerque Sell Art During Lockdown

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Good morning. I'm Rachel Martin. When the BioPark Zoo in Albuquerque had to close because of the pandemic, they realized they had to get creative, and they did. Or rather, the residents did. KOB-TV reports that the zoo is now selling art created by the animals themselves. The Art Gone Wild project will help buy new equipment for the animals and their keepers. You can pick the colors for your not-so-look-alike Vermeer painted by a deer or a knockoff Renoir by the alligator. It's MORNING EDITION.

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