Don't Like The View From Your Window? Try Someone Else's : Coronavirus Updates Maybe it's been awhile since you got out. Staying home during the coronavirus pandemic has meant your view has not changed. For months. Try a change of scenery — without going outside.

Don't Like The View From Your Window? Try Someone Else's

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Maybe it's been a while since you got out.


So we're going to take you around the world for a moment to peer out some windows.

MARTIN: In Mumbai, India, a steady rain drizzles in a park.


INSKEEP: From a balcony in Luneburg, Germany, a family splashes in a pool.


MARTIN: And the view from an apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, shows a sunset over a construction site. Just some of the everyday vistas from the website Sonali Ranjit and her husband Vai created the website.

SONALI RANJIT: We're both feeling, like, cooped up in our one-bedroom apartment. And I was thumbing through Instagram, and I saw this picture of a friend of mine in Barcelona. He had this beautiful view outside his window, but he was in lockdown, as well. He was complaining about how bored of it he was.

MARTIN: Sonali's husband, Vai, says they wanted to help people feeling wanderlust to virtually gaze out windows around the world. Thousands of submissions poured in.

VAISHNAV BALASUBRAMANIAM: It started off with a bunch from Germany, then in Russia. Then it kind of took off in the States.

MARTIN: Sonali says her favorite view is of a pastoral meadow in southwest Bavaria with a windmill in the distance.


RANJIT: We saw this tweet of this woman who said that she teared up because just across the mountains were her parents, who she hasn't seen in six months.

INSKEEP: Digital windows might not cure all of our feelings of longing in this moment. But drawing about 1.4 million visits per day, the website seems to provide some measure of comfort.

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