'Mothers' Index' Lists Best Places to Be a Mom Host Renee Montagne reports on the results of the annual "Mothers' Index," which compares the well-being of mothers and children in 146 countries. The index is released by the U.S. charity Save the Children.

'Mothers' Index' Lists Best Places to Be a Mom

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At the top, Sweden, because of its family friendly laws. Mothers with newborns are guaranteed at least one year of paid leave. Camilla Hillett(ph) is a kindergarten teacher in Stockholm. Her sons are 8, 11, and 15. And with each birth she's taken maternity leave and received 80 percent of her salary.

MONTAGNE: We have a lot of opportunities, I think, as a mother. You can choose if you want to be a mother or not. When you are expecting your children you can always get good care and health. This is all free.

MONTAGNE: Even daycare is considered reasonably priced in Sweden, and the government has also made hiring domestic help tax deductible. The Mothers Index ranked being a mother in America at 27.

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