Moo-Town Jonathan Coulton performs classic Motown songs rewritten to be about things relating to cows for comedians Dewayne Perkins and Aasia LaShay Bullock.


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Are you ready for another game?



EISENBERG: So Jonathan is going to sing you the clues in this next game...


EISENBERG: ...Called Moo-Town.

JONATHAN COULTON, BYLINE: That's right. We have changed the lyrics to Motown songs to make them about things related to or associated with cows and bulls.


BULLOCK: Sure, that makes sense.

COULTON: So famous cows you may have heard of, facts about cows...

EISENBERG: You know.

COULTON: ...Cows in popular culture - all of that stuff. You will earn full credit by giving me just one of the following pieces of information - if you name the cow- or bull-related thing I'm singing about, if you name the song that I'm parodying or the artist who made it famous, or if you would just like to moo, that would be fine.


COULTON: Aasia, this is for you. (Singing) Moo hoo, I recognized you right away. Knew your birthday was in May. Because I'm with astrology. And I noticed you're stubborn and you're trustworthy.

BULLOCK: First of all, let me give you all three answers, OK?

EISENBERG: (Laughter).

COULTON: Yeah, do it.

BULLOCK: You're talking about a Taurus.

COULTON: I am absolutely talking about a Taurus.

BULLOCK: And that is "I Heard It Through The Grapevine."

COULTON: Yeah, that's right.


BULLOCK: And also moo.

COULTON: Yeah. Well done.


COULTON: Clean sweep. Well done. All right. Dewayne, this is for you. Here we go. (Singing) All we need is dairy - sweet, sweet dairy. Put a bucket there by your feet. Milk appears if you pull this down. Just keep squeezing on this teat.

PERKINS: OK, you are, one, talking about - what are they called? - a cow's udders.

COULTON: That is correct, yeah.

PERKINS: Uh-huh. The song is - I don't know.

COULTON: I think Aasia knows it. I think Aasia knows it. What's the song, Aasia?

BULLOCK: Text me. Is it "Dancing In The Street"?

COULTON: It is. That's right - Martha and the Vandellas.

BULLOCK: I'm shocked you didn't get that, Dewayne.

PERKINS: I knew that the song was in "Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit."


COULTON: I totally would have accepted that as an answer.

BULLOCK: You should have just said that (laughter).

COULTON: All right, Aasia, here's another one. (Singing) While that cat was fiddling a tune, it looks like a dish ran off with a spoon. So don't you dally. Come on, cow, jump over me. Come jump over me.

BULLOCK: I like that song so much.

PERKINS: Me, too.


BULLOCK: Come jump over me. OK, so that is "Come See About Me."

COULTON: Uh-huh - Supremes.

BULLOCK: And that's the cow jumping over the moon.

COULTON: Yeah. That is correct. Well done.

EISENBERG: You know what? I'm glad we finally heard the moon's perspective.


COULTON: All right. This is the last one. Dewayne, this is yours.


COULTON: (Singing) Spinning air, Helen Hunt will chase the storm somehow. Swirling air, but heads up 'cause there's a flying cow.

PERKINS: OK. So the song is that song (singing) I'll be there.

COULTON: That's correct.

PERKINS: I don't know who sings it or the name of it.

COULTON: Four Tops - that's right.

PERKINS: (Vocalizing).

BULLOCK: I did a tap dance to that song when I was, like, 7.

COULTON: Really?


EISENBERG: That's awesome. I love that.

PERKINS: And this is the cow from the movie "Twister," which is also an experience at Universal in Florida.


BULLOCK: I was going to say that.

COULTON: You are absolutely correct.

BULLOCK: I was like, don't remember the movie, very much remember the experience.

EISENBERG: Such a pleasure. You both won all that we have to give - all of our prizes, you win.


EISENBERG: Thank you so much, Dewayne. Thank you so much, Aasia.

BULLOCK: My pleasure.

PERKINS: Yes. Thank you.

EISENBERG: You guys were amazing guests.


EISENBERG: That was comedians Dewayne Perkins and Aasia LaShay Bullock.

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