Got Caption? Your Turn To Craft A Punchline Mo Willems has undertaken a heady task: to become a radio cartoonist. Now, he needs you to caption a few of his drawings.

Got Caption? Your Turn To Craft A Punchline

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Well, we're going to try something unusual on our show, and we need your help. It's called Cartooning on the Radio. I'll be talking with the author and illustrator Mo Willems to see if we might have a little bit of artsy fun. But first, we need you to go to our Web site and suggest some captions for Mo Willems' cartoons. You can find a link to the cartoons at And if you know Mo Willems work but wondered what he might look like, you can also see Mo's self portrait there.


And, of course, at our Web site, you can also send us your comments. Just click on Contact Us at the top of the page.

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