Latest On Where The Presidential Race Stands No winner has been declared in the 2020 presidential election. Results are still too early to call in Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and other critical swing states.

Latest On Where The Presidential Race Stands

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A clearer picture of the presidential map is falling into place. The AP has now called Wisconsin and Michigan for former Vice President Joe Biden, flipping two states that President Trump captured by a tiny margin in 2016. The combined 26 electoral votes from those two states inch Biden to within just six electoral votes of victory. Trump now needs more than 50 to win.


That's right. The president's campaign is saying it intends to demand a recount in Wisconsin, and we're still waiting on results from several key states like North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where Governor Tom Wolf is urging anxious Americans, trust the process.


TOM WOLF: This is a stress test of the ideals upon which this country was founded. And the basic rule - one person, one vote - that still carries. And it has to carry here.

CORNISH: As more vote tallies trickle in, he and other state leaders ask the nation to keep one more key principle in mind.


JOCELYN BENSON: Patience and vigilance is really key.

KAREN BRINSON BELL: Remember; just recognize that you'll need to be patient.

WOLF: So we have to be patient but confident that these votes are going to be counted.

CORNISH: Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Karen Brinson Bell of North Carolina State Board of Elections and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

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