COVID-19 Cases Continue To Surge We take stock of where we are in the pandemic in terms of infections and fatalities.

COVID-19 Cases Continue To Surge

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With ongoing news of new vaccines and infection surges, we thought it was time to check in on where we are in this pandemic. In just one day, the U.S. lost over 2,000 lives to the coronavirus. And in the same day, over 213,000 new infections were confirmed. Johns Hopkins University keeps track of COVID-19's human toll, and the numbers are devastating. Over 14 1/2 million confirmed cases have been reported in the U.S. In 10 months, the virus has taken the lives of more than 280,000 Americans, accounting for almost 20% of global fatalities. It's important to remember that vaccines aren't yet available. Until they are, stick to protocols of wearing masks, washing hands and keeping 6 feet apart. Stay safe, everyone.


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