'Credit Crunch' Chocolates Debut In Britain In Britain, there's a new luxury chocolate treat. "Credit Crunch" has been launched to tempt shoppers looking for something to snack on during these times of economic woes. The fancy French chocolates are being sold at Selfridges department store. A 5-ounce bag costs about $7.

'Credit Crunch' Chocolates Debut In Britain

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And today's last word in business is credit crunch, which is the center of the financial crisis and also the name of a new chocolate. Capitalizing on all the international financial anxiety, the British store Selfridges has rolled out a new luxury candy made of fancy French chocolate and pieces of honeycomb, and it is called Credit Crunch. The store official says quality chocolate is instantly satisfying and helps lift your mood. Who could think of a better investment? It will also lighten your wallet though, because a 5 ounce bag will cost you four British pounds, or $7. Of course you can always pay by credit, if you still have any. And that's the business news on Morning Edition from NPR News. I'm Steve Inskeep.

SHAPIRO: And I'm Ari Shapiro.

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