Anthony Neuer Makes Professional Bowlers Association Tour History It's the hardest shot in bowling: the 7-10 split. Two pins are left standing on opposite sides of the lane. The feat hasn't been seen on TV since 1991. Neuer accomplished it on Sunday.

Anthony Neuer Makes Professional Bowlers Association Tour History

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Good morning. I'm Steve Inskeep. Pro Bowler Anthony Neuer did something not seen on TV in 30 years. He faced a 7-10 split - two pins left standing, the two farthest apart - and knocked them both down.


ROB STONE: Come on, kid. Do it. Oh, he did it.

INSKEEP: The pin on the right bounced around and hit the pin on the left.


STONE: He did it. My goodness, the ginger assassin just dropped a 7-10. You bet, kid.

INSKEEP: Ginger assassin, we salute you. It's MORNING EDITION.

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