Reaction to the New Pope, Benedict XVI, April 20, 2005 · Joseph Ratzinger, the new Pope Benedict XVI, advocates a strict interpretation of church orthodoxy. His election disappointed those who had hoped someone from Latin America or Africa would be elected to head the Roman Catholic Church.



The Intellectual Pastor

Corriere della Sera

Apr. 20, 2005

He will lead the institution with much determination, and not a few surprises. Ratzinger has the authority. He has promised a reform of the Church. Where cleaning up is necessary, he will do it.


We Are the Pope

Spiegel Online

Apr. 20, 2005

German papers are archly divided over the lightning-quick selection of Bavarian Joseph Ratzinger as the new pope… One paper even goes so far as to say that rather than a trustworthy shepherd, Pope Benedict XVI is really 'a wolf among sheep.'


A New Pope But Not A New Path

The Age

Apr. 20, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI may see reinvigorating the church in Europe -- and the West more generally -- as his papal mission. Achieving that within the constraints of his theological position would be miraculous.


African Catholics: Time For Some Real Activism

The Daily News

Apr. 20, 2005

Unless the new Holy Father is willing to listen to the calls of the clergy in Africa for a review of the use of condoms as a measure to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, there could be a drift from the church.


Choosing Not to Choose

Diario de Noticias

Apr. 20, 2005

The Church… has to realize that the complex problems of today's world require dynamic responses. Ratzinger does not appear to have the profile nor the energy to provide the 'small signs' that so many people, inside and outside the church, are waiting for.

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