The Israel-Hezbollah Conflict, UPDATED July 25, 2006 · Bloggers have been firing salvos in the Israel-Lebanon conflict from day one. (Though Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has undoubtedly been too busy on her Mideast diplomatic mission to take a look). Below, a sampling of Israeli and Lebanese civilian web logs:



The Day I Realized That My Lebanon Is No More

Beirut Notes

July 25, 2006

After this crisis, Hezbollah and its allies will rule. And in anticipation I am trying to cut all ties to the Lebanon that I gave 13 years of my life for while others emigrated at the first opportunity that came up.


This Blog Can't Be Correct; I Don't Believe You!

Live From an Israeli Bunker

July 25, 2006

The west still doesnít get it...[Radicals] will take your money, they will talk to you, they will let you build their towns and infrastructure but when you blink, they will stick a dagger in your back. What is more important of all this for them is simply Islam.


It's Helpless

Lebanon Israeli Crisis

July 24, 2006

I don't know what to say anymore. I mean, how am I supporting Hizbullah [sic]? Here you have personal proof people that I had to leave my own country because a friend of ours was killed the other day.


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Our World: Seeing the War in its True Colors


July 25, 2006

The same European governments now jockeying for a place in an international force that will protect Hizbullah [sic] from destruction are the ones who have been stymieing American attempts to take concerted action against Iranís nuclear weapons programs for the past three years.


Unity? What Unity?

Bob's Blog

July 22, 2006

All is gray and dripping with blood. Both prospects of this war are a nightmare; there is no solution that benefits us, the people of Lebanon. Everything benefits some external power. Iran or the U.S.A., Israel or Syria. Our country is once more the battle ground for foreign powers using internal pawns.


It Might Not be Pallywood, But it Might be Cedarwood


July 25, 2006

Lebanese civilians are not dying because Israel wants them dead, but because it suits terrorist propaganda purposes to place civilians in dangerous proximity to militants' weapons and then blame Israel for anything that happens.


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