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You may access archived editions of the NPR Ombudsman's column:

Archived Columns: April 2004 - November 2006
Archived Columns: April 2000 - April 2004

Archived NPR Ombudsman's Reports

As part of its mandate, the NPR ombudsman's office prepares a report four times a year. These reports are presented to the NPR board of directors at the public sessions. The reports quantify the issues of concern to the listeners over the previous three months. The ombudsman also tracks trends in the program coverage, along with the listeners' responses to NPR's news coverage, its programs and any other issues that are of concern to the listeners.

Reports are available for the following dates:

2007: February | May | July | November
2006: January | April | October | November
2005: January | April | October
2004: January | July | October
2003: March | July | November
2002: March | May | July | November